Bespoke Detailing - Level 4


Level 4 Signature Paint Correction

-Above and beyond a simple polish session and intended for the discerning eye. Nothing else comes close. Relying on years of experience on every paint type and vehicle combination imaginable we employ a highly honed set of finishing skills to exact the absolute best finish possible being as minimally invasive and removing as little clearcoat/paint as possible.

Always aiming for perfection we’re in his for the long haul literally as or Signature correction work spans multiple steps and stages of refinement.
What this process can do for brand new hand finished supercars will amaze even the most stringent paint enthusiast. We focus on removing factory sanding marks, paint runs & mild overspray.

+Before and after paintwork report identifying not only Paint and clear coat thickness but also measurable improvement to gloss clarity and reflectivity utilizing our state-of-the-art measurement sets.
+Process ideally suited to older or thoroughly enjoyed exotics/sports cars.
+Single stage paints, Tint coats, True blacks, Self-healing clear coats this is for you.
+Reaches the necessary level of surface perfection prior to the installation of our professional use only (GYEON MOHS+)

Requires at least level 1 detailing prep prior to beginning this process
Hand finished Exotics typically start at 15hrs
Midsize sedans/sports cars 20Hrs
Large Bentley/Rolls Royce cars begin at 30Hrs

Price is starting from. For an accurate price quote, please call us.


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