Bespoke Detailing - Level 5


Level 5 Signature Texture Leveling (Orange Peel) removal

-For those who absolutely have to have the best possible finish for their vehicles we go a step further than our signature paint correction by removing the texture (orange peel) found on vehicles. We do this through a combination of dry and wet sanding methods honed after years of practice. Once the texture is removed, we continue the various stages of refinement found in our signature paint correction.

We’re left with mirror like reflections on every panel. Saying the clarity and depth increase from this process is transformative would be an understatement.

Our level 5 Signature cars turn heads wherever they go routinely win events for paintwork preparation and show.

During this process even more clear coat/paint work is removed past Signature paint correction. Therefore this process is not suitable for all vehicles or paint types.

Prior to quoting this work on repainted or older vehicles we must see the vehicle in person to ensure it’s a candidate for this process.

+Before and after paintwork report identifying not only Paint and clear coat thickness but also measurable improvement to gloss clarity and reflectivity utilizing our state-of-the-art measurement sets.
+Ideally suited for new vehicles both machine and hand painted with excess paint texture
+Due to the nature of this work and reduction in clear coat it is highly advised to protect this level of work with either of the following

Recommended additional protection
+Certified detailer (GYEON coatings)

Requires at least level 1 detailing prep prior to beginning this process
Hand finished Exotics typically start at 30Hrs
Midsize sedans/sports cars 45Hrs
Large Bentley/Rolls Royce cars begin at 70Hrs

Price is starting from. For an accurate price quote, please call us.


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