Exterior Coating - Certified Detailer


Certified Detailer only offerings from GlasWerks & Gyeon


Q² Mohs+ A unique 2-stage coating system that provides both extreme scratch resistance and self-cleaning properties. A pure silazane base coat is the hardest automotive coating ever developed. The topcoat prevents watermarks and stains and prolongs the total durability of the Q² Base coating. The end result cannot be overestimated – by implementing safe maintenance procedures, paint correction may be avoided throughout the entire period of use.

+Extreme scratch resistance 

+Extreme resistance to staining and water spotting 

+Crisp clear gloss 

+The original 

+5-year warranty 


Q2 Duraflex 

Q² DuraFlex is an advanced, two-ingredient and double layer ceramic coating. The pure silazane Q² Base coating is the hardest automotive coating ever developed. It is a technological breakthrough and requires only one layer. Q² Flexi is a thick and extremely slick topcoat that has set new standards in gloss, hydrophobicity and durable self-cleaning.

+Most hydrophobicity of any coating. 

+Super slick wax like topcoat

+5-year warranty 


DuraBead Q²

 DuraBead is an advanced, two-ingredient and multi-layer ceramic coating. Using multiple layers of Q² Mohs as the base coat topped with an extremely hydrophobic, fluorine based top coat Q² Bead result in incomparable hydrophobicity, self-cleaning and great durability.

+Highest self-cleaning properties  

+Displays water beading characteristics similar to high end legacy wax’s 

+5-year warranty 


Sports/Exotic/small $1000

SUV $1200

Large Luxury $1500

GlasWerks Certified detailer coating offerings are baked into your vehicle’s paintwork with short wave IR bake lights.  

Add an additional 2 days for Certified coating installs.

Price listed is starting from. Depending on vehicle size, your quoted price may vary. Please contact us for an accurate quote.


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