Exterior Coating - Trim


Q2 TRIM-Black plastic trim/grills/plastic wheel liners
Q² Trim has a formula that allows it to be applied on different vehicle’s parts: on plastics with their own structure, on unpainted parts, on so-called piano black finishes, which are most problematic to maintain, on tail- and headlight covers after having them restored. Its pure SiO2 base. It does not leave an oily layer on the trim’s surface, but strongly bonds with its structure, leaving a thick coat. Q² Trim provides a strong, long lasting restoration effect.

+Restorative effect for discolored/faded/oxidized black plastic trim
+prevents new plastics from lightening due to sun damage or natural oxidation.
+UV protectant to prevent further oxidation

Typically, we price trim applications out as a package ranging from $150-$500 depending on severity of oxidation and surface area to be treated.

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