Interior Coating - Leather Shield


Q2 Leather shield

Highly advanced ceramic coating for all types of leather upholstery.

Advanced quartz coating specially formulated for automotive leather. Q² Leather Shield is suitable for every type of leather produced to date and does not change the finish of your upholstery. Repels dirt and prevents discoloration, protects against liquids and UV rays. Providing superb protection against dirt, UV rays and the rigors of everyday usage.
Q² Leather Shield makes the daily maintenance easy and safe even on delicate upholsteries.
+Recommended for new leather surfaces
+Maximum resistance to staining for light colored leathers
+Minimizes maintenance required for leather surfaces
+Most Hydrophobic coating available for leather surfaces
+18-month protection

$35/Door card

At a minimum Level 3 interior detailing must be completed prior to the application of GYEON Q2 Leather shield on anything but new vehicles.


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