Level 3 Detailing Session


After a thorough hand wash and (Autoscrub) Claybar decontamination we get to work performing our paint enhancement polishing. The highest gloss and depth levels in the shortest time for your vehicle’s specific paintwork. Years of testing with various manufactures paint systems means we know exactly what speed, pressure, compound & pad compound works best for your vehicle. Once completed take your pick of gloss enhancing topper.

Everything from our Level 2 detail, plus:

  • Paint enhancement polish work
  • Your choice of either topper:
    • Kamikaze Infinity Wax - High Gloss & Depth Wax with Ceramic Coating technology (6-10 months durability)
    • Gyeon MOHS Ceramic Coating, Hydrophobic (extra 18 months durability)

Completion time: 8-12 Hours (1-2 days)

*For extra soiled vehicles, please give us a call for an accurate quote*


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